R.I.P. is thee best youth metal band of the Orange County!

​​Since ​​2010 we've erupted into the music scene and despite

​​o​ur age, have blown away hundreds of people! We've

​​opened up for such acts as the legendary Molly Hatchet,

​​Ritchie Scarlet, and countless phenomenal tribute bands in

​​the area. Since 2010 R.I.P. has undergone multiple line up

​changes, but have grown with every member and flourished

​friendships and ideas that helped get us to where we are

​today! With a unique tone created by strong harmonies and,

​​intense riffs, R.I.P. is the closest metal band that  re-create

​​that feeling of being back at a 80's heavy  concert! 

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 photos from our rescent

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